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We Dream in Red & White

Gettin a little ‘Rough&Tough’ with blues legend John Hammond

2009 August 6
by Joseph & Curtis


We meet lots of interesting people designing and building wine cellars. From the wine makers themselves to professional baseball players and while John Hammond is not a customer, he has taught me many things about wine. John first noticed one of our custom wine racks at a small dinner party we had and a wine conversation naturally followed.

John & his wife Marla are fantastic cooks who can get everything from slow-smoked bbq to refined Italian on the table and it was a mutual love of food & wine that first brought my wife & I and John & Marla together.

We have been friends for nearly 10 years and one thing we have learned is John is constantly touring and so whenever we have the chance to get together to cook, drink wine and catch up, we do.

This evening was great. Standing Rib Roast, Soft Shell Crabs and a chance to sample John’s new record- Rough & Tough (Chesky Records). Curt came by and we sat on the patio, ate, drank wine and enjoyed some of the best blues that is currently being recorded.

Rough&Tough is John Hammond at his best. If you are a hardcore John Hammond fan, this record reminds you why you are. If you don’t know John’s music, but wonder why John has the reputation he does, listen to Rough&Tough and you won’t wonder any longer.

Check out the CD at CD Universe

Its tough to pry John away from his big California Cabernets but we went all Italian while we ate and listened to the new record thanks to some fantastic selections from Italian Wine Merchants NYC. Rough & Tough was recorded at St. Peters Episcopal Church in New York City by David & Norman Chesky (Marla co-produced) on the Super Audio Format and the sound is stunning.

Beginning with ‘My Mind is Ramblin’ to John re-visiting ‘Get Behind the Mule’ from his Grammy nominated Wicked Grin CD we were treated to some of the purest, most honest blues that you will hear anywhere. John bends the strings on his Guild 12-String playing ‘Statesboro Blues’ and beats up his National Steel guitar all over this record.

Rough & Tough is as good as it gets.


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