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Glass Enclosed Wine Cellars

Custom glass wine cellar enclosures are more than just bottle storage. These spaces can be galleries for wine collections that span decades and the globe. Although not easy to execute, glass enclosed wine cellars allow an unobstructed view into wine collections. Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars design, build and install glass wine cellars in New York, Miami, Dubai, Bahamas and beyond. Our glass wine cellars are designed with tolerances to maintain temperature ranges that are suitable for wine storage.

Our Process

Our custom glass cellars are typically the focal point of the space they occupy and we begin the design process from that perspective. We design for presentation as well as capacity. We use as much label out storage as possible and a less is more design approach so that the emphasis is on the bottles, not what's holding the bottles. We often design custom wine racks for this purpose that allow the wine bottles to float behind the glass.

  1. On-Site Visit
    • Our process begins with a visit to the space to understand how this glass wine cellar will 'live' within the surrounding space.
    • A thorough understanding of how our client collects wine and intends to use the wine cellar.
    • How is the surrounding space conditioned since this is a significant factor in determining how best to cool the wine cellar.
  2. Design
    • We then begin the design phase and produce conceptual drawings for client feedback.
    • Samples are produced of both wood & metal wine racks as well as acrylic in some cases.
  3. Lighting
    • Once we have an approved design we begin the LED lighting phase and determine the best way to light the bottles. Our goal is to get the effect without actually seeing where the light is coming from.
  4. Cooling
    • We then begin the refrigeration engineering process. Specify the correct equipment and placement.
  5. Glass
    • Finally, the cellar's glass is chosen. Many clients are opting for low iron glass also known as Starphire, or sometimes called Superclear, which minimizes the subtle green hue you can get from standard glass.
    • Typically structural framing is needed to support the weight of the glass.

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