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Canadian Wine Trail (Niagara on the Lake)

2014 July 11
by Curtis Dahl

Wine Country Ontario Travel Guide
Working up in Ontario led me to a very cool Canadian wine trail along Niagra on the Lake. I have never been a big fan of ice wine but thought I would give the region a shot…I am very glad that I did.

My family accompanied me on our day trip which began with a gorgeous drive along the lake. One of the highlights of the day trip was Inniskillin Vineyards which has been making wine for over 35 years. The tour consisted of the usual wine making walk through, a tour through the vineyard itself, and ended with a tasting in the wine cellar.

I learned a new found respect for the winemaking efforts up north eh….and learned a tremendous amount about how they harvest grapes in the winter, how the giant “fans” help keep the grapes warmer in long cold winters, and how impressed I was with several of the wines I tried. My two favorites were the East-West Riesling and the Pinot Noir Rose.

A visit to Inniskillin is a unique experience that blends tours, tasting award-winning vintages, and food into an unforgettable day spent in the Niagara wine region. I also recommend Peller Estates. Peller was much more commercial with a very new and large tasting room….Peller seemed to be more of a destination spot (not meant in a bad way) with a very large garden and outdoor seating area for lunch and tasting.

If planning a trip in the Niagra area I would highly recommend a visit to the Niagra on the Lake wine region. The views and small town are amazing and I also recommend grabbing a couple bikes and pedaling to each vineyard.

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