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We Dream in Red & White

Baltusrol Golf Club Custom Wine Cellar

2017 February 7
by Curtis Dahl

Baltusrol Golf ClubBaltusrol Golf Club, synonymous with championship golf, sits at the base of Baltusrol Mountain in northern New Jersey, only a stone’s throw from New York City. With a rich heritage that dates back to 1895, Baltusrol is considered one of the country’s premier golf clubs. Its two championship courses, the Lower and Upper, have played distinguished roles on the national stage since their creation by Golden Age architect A.W. Tillinghast in 1922. Together, the courses have hosted 17 major championships, including seven U.S. Opens and two PGA Championships. (baltusrol.org)

The club is always looking for ways to make their amazing club even better. With that in mind, Baltusrol approached Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars to figure out a way to add an amazing wine cellar to meet the needs of its members. We designed, and built a 2500+ bottle custom made wine room built out of black walnut, brick flooring, and a climate control system. The wine room has many bells and whistles that must accompany such a prestigious club such as Baltusrol – with horizontal displays, baker racks, custom case bins, and of course textured ceiling and led lighting.

Baltusrol Golf Club Custom Wine Cellar

The project came in on time and as always on budget. In 15+ years in business we have never delivered a wine cellar over budget! We highly recommend the Baltusrol Golf Club for not only their amazing course, but their amazing wine room as well! Contact us today, cheers!

Glynallyn Castle Wine Room – Fit for a King

2017 January 16
by Curtis Dahl

glynallyn-castleThe Glynallyn Castle sold in 2014 for $4 million, one of the most expensive real estate transactions in the history of Morris Township. Constructed between 1913 and 1918, the castle was the dream of George Marshall Allen, a New York businessman, and his wife, Grace. They spent an estimated $500,000 to build their country estate in the Convent Station neighborhood then known as “Millionaires’ Row,” The 32,000 square-foot, 3-story Glynallyn Castle has 66 rooms, 19 fireplaces, 15 bedrooms, eight full baths and four powder rooms. (read more here)

With all its historic grandeur, clearly what the Glynallyn Castle lacked was a proper wine cellar.

Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars was commissioned to design a cellar with climate control, and a bottle capacity reaching upwards of 2500 bottles, fit for a modern-day king. The wine cellar space boasts some amazing 100% custom stone work and carpentry. The custom groin ceiling radius had to be templated to perfection so that each inch of the space could be utilized for wine storage. There are pull out trays for large capacity 1.5 liters as well as custom case bins for OWC (Original wood case bin).

Overall the “new” wine room blends as if it has been there since the beginning. The only thing we regret is we could not design a moat around the wine cellar (for security purposes), so the gargoyles will have to do!


Good Things Do Come In Small Packages

2016 November 22
by Curtis Dahl

Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars recently completed a one of a kind Steel & Glass wine cellar in a newly renovated duplex penthouse in Manhattan.

Steel & Glass modern wine cellar

The client has eclectic taste in furnishings, artwork, etc and wanted a custom wine cellar that would echo that style. We designed a sleek, modern glass wine cellar that although only 41″ wide x 39″ deep manages to not only store 250 bottles of wine, but is able to show off the clients impressive wine collection with 3 unique styles of bottle presentation.

Everything in the wine cellar is totally custom from the cantilevered stainless steel rods and the high reveal rows for both 750’s & magnums to the Patent Pending Joseph & Curtis Metal Series WINE GALLERY bottle cradles. We washed the wine cellar in a ultra cool sexy blue light that makes a statement in this amazing home.

The Melo Wine Cellar

2016 October 25
by Curtis Dahl

Carmelo Anthony with Joseph & Curtis

We work alongside some of the finest and brightest minds in the architectural and design world on a daily basis; this is what we do day in and day out. ALL of our clients are treated as MVP clients…but our recently completed “man cave” is truly an MVP wine cellar…and it simply goes by the name of MELO. Being a huge Syracuse and NY Knick fan, I was so happy we were able to make Carmelo Anthony‘s dream cellar come true.

We worked with designer Alicia LaMar to change one of his bedrooms into a room where Melo could chill before games, relax on the weekends, and of course store his favorite vino and cigars (he has incredible taste in both!). The design is modern, with clean lines and sexy lighting. Alicia decided to add a snake skin paint finish to the room which really makes the artwork and the racking “pop.”

Veronica Dagher of WSJ asks How To Build a Proper Wine Cellar

2016 August 8
by Curtis Dahl

Joseph and Curtis were recently approached by the Wall Street Journal to discuss How to Build a Proper Wine Cellar. We are so thankful and blessed to be considered experts in the wine cellar business by such an amazing business publication. Please share widely.

Listen to the podcast below or at WSJ:

Cathy Corison of Corison Winery Talks Wine with Joseph & Curtis

2016 July 13
by Curtis Dahl

Cathy Corison chatting with CurtCathy Corison has been a true pioneer in the winemaking industry for over 30 years.

She gained extensive experience from her work at Chappellet Vineyard, Staglin Family Vineyard, York Creek Vineyards, and Long Meadow Ranch, where she was constantly honing her skills. Cathy’s husband built the barn where there vineyard sits and they have been making wine ever since. They make about 3500 cases of wine and I can personally tell you it’s some of the best juice out there.




How did you get into the wine business?
I took a wine appreciation class on a complete whim when I was a sophomore studying Biology at Pomona College over 40 years ago. Wine grabbed me by the neck and ran with me and I’ve never looked back. Wine is a collaboration between many living systems, so I’m still studying Biology!

Was it harder being a woman?
It’s certainly been a ride. There have been obstacles, but I think woman have had a higher profile in the wine business, for better or worse.

What was Napa like in the “early days?”
When I arrived in Napa 41 years ago this month (!), it was rural and depressed, just starting to claw its way back from Prohibition. It was even a little redneck around the edges. There were only 30 wineries then (now there are around 500!) It’s been exciting to have an inside seat to watch it all.

Tell us about how you were able to acquire your vineyard.
Pulling on my bootstraps as hard as I could (and still am). Land priced were much lower in the ’70s and ’80s. When I got my job as the winemaker at Chappellet Vineyard, it came with housing and a professional salary so I bought a house in St. Helena. That real estate was the best thing I ever did. After a while I started buying grapes and barrels instead of cars and houses as a young adult. I did all the work and used other winery’s excess capacity for many years. After a while my husband and I were able to buy Kronos Vineyard. After some more time we built a winery barn – a winemaking home at last!

What is the “Corison style” for wine making?
My goal is to make Cabernet that is both powerful and elegant, speaks of place, graces the table and enjoys a long, interesting life in the bottle.

What are the 3 most important characteristics for a successful winemaker?
Attention to detail, patience, creativity.

Curt and friends at Corison WineryPlease tell us about Kronos.
Kronos is the estate vineyard and surrounds the winery on all four sides. It is one of the last old Cabernet vineyards in the Napa Valley. Planted in 1971 on St. George rootstock, the wise old vines produce miserly crops of tiny, delicious berries on scraggly clusters. Though it’s a disaster as a business, Kronos is a gift as a winemaker. I’m so fortunate to have these old vines to work with. The vineyard ripens slowly so the wines are juicy, concentrated and complex at very moderate alcohols. Good snappy acidity gives them life.

Favorite restaurants?
Too numerous to count. I look for restaurants with good sommeliers. They are such a help.

I know each year is different just like children but what are some of your favorites?

Spectacular view of the vineyardWhere do you see the wine industry in say 10 years?
I hope we’re still farmers. We can’t make a wine any better than the grapes that come through the winery door.

How nice is it to wake up in Napa everyday?
It’s a little slice of heaven. I just need to remember to look up every so often.

Where can our collectors purchase Corison and some of your special library bottles?
We can be found in small, fine wine shops and also sell wine online at www.corison.com. I have always held back nice libraries of older wines to re-release when they’re in a pretty spot.

Tenafly, NJ Tuscan Wine Room

2016 June 2
by Curtis Dahl

Tenafly, NJ Tuscan Wine Room

This recently completed Tuscan masterpiece holds just under 4,000 bottles. It has a barreled ceiling with custom brick niches and wrought iron. The floor is a terra cotta natural stone which pulls out the natural mahogany racking and wine barrel stave ceiling. This custom wine cellar is back-lit, and display row led lighting in over 25 colors sets the mood. The mahogany door features a touch pad locking system and custom wrought iron grill.

The highlight of the cellar for the owner are the hand carved wine barrels which are featured between the two rooms and displayed with led lighting.

Please contact Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars for any of your wine storage needs…and remember, at J&C, we dream in red and white!

Princeton NJ Custom Wine Cellar and Tasting Room

2016 May 16
by Curtis Dahl

Princeton NJ Custom Wine Cellar

This Princeton beauty boasts some pretty cool details such as seamless glass, custom arched seamless glass entry door, stone-back lit stained glass, wine barrel, LED display lighting, and a mega tasting room overlooking the entire cellar. This is the essence of the “restaurant” feel, with one of my favorite pieces (brought back from Napa by the owner, the skull and champagne glass art work.

The racks are made of knotty alder which matched the custom cabinets in the tasting room as well as the ceramic plank flooring which runs through both rooms (and the entire basement).

The owners love to entertain and this is the perfect setting. The tasting room has an entire butlers pantry, touch screen controls for music and lighting, and an enormous table where you can not only do tasting but full blown dinners. All while sitting amongst the wine, but not in 58 degrees!

Please let us know if we can help design, build, and install any and all of your wine cellar needs…and remember, at J&C, we dream in red and white!

Custom Wine Cabinet at Pod 51 and Salvation Burger

2016 April 27
by Curtis Dahl

Custom wine cabinet at Pod 51 Hotel

Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars recently completed a very custom wine cabinet in the much anticipated Pod 51 Hotel for April Bloomfiled and Ken Friedman — the chef and restaurateur behind The Spotted Pig, The Breslin, and The John Dory — in their new casual restaurant Salvation Burger.

The cabinet is made with a custom metal finish and holds just north of 800 bottles. As soon as you enter the Pod Hotel, you can’t help but notice the back of the custom wine cabinet, which was made in all glass so you could not only see the restaurant but the bottles as well. It’s a very clean and sleek design which fits very well amidst the bar, dining room and open kitchen. The LED lighting allows the wine to look as though each bottle is floating and ready to dance its way to your table!

Please contact J&C so we can create your wine cellar or custom cabinet…J & C, where we dream in red and white.

Custom New Jersey Tasting Room and Glass Wine Cellar

2016 April 8
by Curtis Dahl

17' x 17' custom tasting room

This particular client has an interesting story. We had built a wine cellar about 15 years ago (no frills) in their basement. 3 kids later and they simply lost the basement! This family loves to entertain and became sick and tired of everyone in the kitchen!

They decided to put an addition on the house to create a grown up “play room” with a new wine cellar, 17’x 17′ tasting room, butler’s pantry with dishwasher, and bathroom. This was everything the downstairs wasn’t – lots of glass, led lighting, custom metal wine pegs, gorgeous mill-work, and back-lit panels.

The wine cellar hold about 1,000 bottles and sits in a 12′ x 6′ niche just off of the tasting room. The wine cellar has custom wine racks which can hold 750 ml, 1.5 ml, 3 ltr, and 5 ltr wine bottles. Several baker racks are lit with led tape light as well as all of the metal pegs. The tasting room has a large rustic table and can comfortably sit 10-12 adults (the perfect spot to unwind and converse) and just in case there is a game on there is a flat screen as well as a sound system.

The butler’s pantry has custom cabinets for storage, a dishwasher, and marble top. You enter into the tasting room through 2 large rolling barn doors which are speak-easy style doors and do an incredible job announcing the space. The room has become the entertaining spot of the home and the kids didn’t have to lose their play areas in the basement. Once again there is no substitute for a great design team and why custom is always better!

Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars – where we always dream in Red and White.

Triple Threat Tuscan Wine Room

2016 March 1
by Curtis Dahl

Triple Threat Tuscan Wine Room

We call this wine cellar a triple threat, because it’s both modern and traditional, and has an awesome tasting area. Wine cellars come in all shapes and sizes, they also come in many different design elements, but this recent beauty has a little of everything.

The ultra modern glass facade is highlighted with stainless steel horizontal racking, softened with white oak wine racking, and a rolling library ladder with matching brushed stainless steel hardware. The clean lines suggest everything there is to love about modern design: simple, clean, and elegant. The back room welcomes you with custom wrought iron gates and a distressed plaster finish on the walls and ceiling. The “Tuscan Room” is built out of 100% black American walnut and holds upwards of 1500 bottles.

Each display is highlighted with led lighting and enables the collector to easily access his entire inventory. The wine room features a hidden ducted cooling system which not only maintains temperature and humidity in the front room but also the back “Tuscan Room” as well. So whether you’re in the mood for a contemporary evening, or a traditional one, help yourself to a bottle or two and unwind in the perfect setting just outside the wine room. Imagine you and your loved one entertaining like never before.

Please contact Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars so we can build the wine cellar of your dreams, and remember at Joseph & Curtis we dream in red and white!


Joseph & Curtis Win 2016 ‘Best of Houzz’ for Customer Service

2016 January 24
by Curtis Dahl

Remodeling and Home DesignJoseph and Curtis Custom Wine Cellars has won the ‘Best of Houzz®’ Customer Service 2016 designation. This marks the fourth year in a row winning this prestigious award that less than 3% of pros win.

Best Of Houzz awards are granted annually for Design, Customer Service and Photography. Customer Service honors are based on several factors, including the number and quality of client reviews a professional received in 2015. We just want to say thank you to our TREMENDOUS customers who are sincerely the best in the world! We would also like to thank our team because “individually we are one drop but together we are an ocean.”

“Anyone building, remodeling or decorating looks to Houzz for the most talented and service-oriented professionals” said Liza Hausman, Vice President of Industry Marketing for Houzz. Hausman continued expressing “we’re so pleased that Joseph and Curtis was voted one of our ‘Best Of Houzz’ professionals by our enormous community of homeowners and design enthusiasts actively remodeling and decorating their homes.”


About Houzz
Houzz is the leading platform for home remodeling and design, providing people with everything they need to improve their homes from start to finish – online or from a mobile device. Houzz connects millions of homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals across the country and around the world. With the largest residential design database in the world and a vibrant community empowered by technology, Houzz is the easiest way for people to find inspiration, get advice, buy products and hire the professionals they need to help turn their ideas into reality.

Basking Ridge Wine Cellar

2016 January 18
by Curtis Dahl

The owners wanted to store around 1,000 bottles but did not want to detract from the rest of the basement, which has a very large 2nd kitchen, theater room, and sitting area. We decided to go wide and tall but only 48″ deep. Design-wise, the customer wanted to go traditional on the outside but more contemporary on the inside.

We kept the outside very proper with a rich traditional stain, 2 windows, and a glass door, but on the inside we used stainless steel for the displays and colored mosaics for the floor, topped off with a brushed aqua-paint finish. The climate controlled system is hidden behind a louvered grill and produces almost zero noise. Overall the bottle count came in at just under 1,100 bottles.

This particular custom wine cellar achieved every aspect of what the client was looking for: small footprint, transitional design, 1000-bottle storage, and the ability to blend in with the current basement. If we can help design, build and install your wine cellar dream, please contact Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars – where we always dream in red and white!

Traditional Or Modern Wine Cellar Design

2016 January 8
by Curtis Dahl

In the past few years, wine collectors have been asking us whether to build a modern or traditional wine room. The fact that the wine storage area is its own unique space allows the design team and owner to branch out and maybe blend a little of both, which is called transitional.

The definition of transitional in interior design and furniture design refers to a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, midway between old world traditional and the world of chrome and glass contemporary. One of the main design features are the clean lines with the wine racks and displays. Color in both paint colors and flooring tends to be a background player in transitional rooms. It’s less about the material than about the color – think earth tones.

Traditional can be bold with vaulted ceilings, mosaics and, dare I say, murals. Modern or contemporary is usually minimalist…clean…peaceful. Here are a few photos of each style.

Traditional Wine Cellar Design

Modern Wine Cellar Design

If you want to be safe try a little of both in your new wine cellar, tasting room, or custom wine cabinet – and by the way LED lighting looks great in any of them! Please contact us for ideas or if you’re ready to bring your cellar dreams to life.


“Eyecandy” Wine Cabinet for NYC Apartment

2015 December 17
by Curtis Dahl

Eyecandy modern wine cellar off kitchenThe interior design team for a NYC apartment approached Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars to create, design, build, and install a one-of-a-kind showpiece in its latest project. The owner wanted a centerpiece with one catch, it had to be “eyecandy,” or “artwork” for his wine display. He also needed 200 bottles at minimum for his storage.

Once we came up with the location (in his kitchen), we had to put the engineering team to work for the unique space and cooling elements associated with NYC living. Once complete we began to build out the infrastructure: vapor barrier, insulation and rough ins. The inside of the cabinet interior is brushed brass with black peg wine racks and custom stainless steel horizontal racking. The outside of the cabinet is raw carbon steel with lacquer and is equipped with a keyless Maglock with remote. The overall bottle count came in at just under 350 bottles and is by far “the favorite space of the owner”.

Please contact us if we can help build a custom wine cellar for your needs and remember we dream in red and white.

Quality Wine That Won’t Break The Bank

2015 November 19
by Curtis Dahl

Unless you don’t have a problem dropping $100 and up on your next bottle of wine, you will undoubtedly want to check out this well-curated selection of 15 wines at $15 or less! No one is saying you can’t go all out and get a more expensive vintage, but there are plenty of great options that won’t offend your budget or your taste buds! Quite the opposite, in fact. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Check out the full list here.

Joseph & Curtis’ First Napa Tour: Day 2

2015 October 28
by Curtis Dahl

AnticaOur second day in Napa began with a hike through the vineyards followed by a quick breakfast, then off to Atica Vineyards for a 10:00 a.m. tasting. Antica is owned by the legendary Antinori family who has been making wine for over 600 years (29 generations)! So in 1492, when Christopher Columbus sailed from Spain to discover America, the Antinori’s were already making wine for over 100 years! The property which Piero Antinori couldn’t get out of his mind when he came to America in the 60’s was finally purchased in the 80’s. Located in the Atlas Peak District, Antica’s 600 planted acres are a sight to see. Glenn Salva, the “wine estate manager,” greeted us at the tasting area with a quick snapshot of the entire property.

Words cannot describe the amazing beautiful of this property. We walked as we tasted several of their signature wines, and were invited into the home of the Antinori’s and sat at their kitchen table like family. We tasted over 10 different wines with assorted meats and cheese. It was as if our group had died and gone to heaven. Glen is as nice a man as there is in Napa… he has been working at Antica for over 30 years! Once finished with our tasting, we went to “the cave” which is over one mile long and completely climate controlled. I have never seen so many wine barrels in my life!

PrideOur second stop was Pride, famous for their Merlot. The 235-acre estate blends smoothly into its mountainous surroundings and California heritage. Pride was much more commercial than any of our other tastings but was still very much worth the trip. We were taken to their small and charming tasting room where we enjoyed Syrah, Merlot, Cab franc, and Cab…the highlight was undoubtedly the merlot. We then did a quick tour of the vineyard and caves, then it was off to lunch at Goose and Gander which was outstanding, rustic and charming with a full bar and courtyard and some of the best burgers we have ever had.

Opus OneThe afternoon was topped of at Opus One. Once again we were treated to a private tour with a personal guide who was outstanding. She walked us through the grand vision of both Mr Mondavi and Baron Philippe and how this incredible venture came to be. Modern and sleek with a very contemporary feel, the vineyard is pristine and elegant.

Opus One wine roomMaking some of the most collectible wines around the world, it was interesting to witness the diversity of the guests at the vineyard (Chinese, Italian Greek, etc). Once we completed the tour we sat down and tasted the 2011 and the 2008 in the private tasting room. The wines were tight but as we gave them more time they started to open up. I thought the 2010 which we later tasted was the best of the bunch.

BottegaAfter departing Opus we went home for a quick shower and we were back on the van for a ride to the best restaurant of the trip. Bottega is located on the historic Vintage Estates Property, in one of the oldest wineries in Napa Valley, the Groezinger Estate. The restaurant is rustic and pure Napa through and through. We sat in the private tasting room in the wine cellar and were treated to the best dinner I have ever had. From the multiple aps, we tried Octopus, short ribs, Polenta, and Gnocchi). ALL were outstanding. Dinner only got better…the short ribs and black pig were amazing. If planning a trip to Napa, please do not miss two places: #1 Bottega and #2 Farmstead.

Could a trip get any better?

Joseph & Curtis’ First Napa Tour

2015 October 1
by Curtis Dahl

The first ever Joseph & Curtis Napa tour was probably my personal best trip ever. Napa is such an amazing place with incredible restaurants and amazing wines.

The trip was conceived with a small group in mind but ended up being 10 people. We left on the Saturday red eye at 6:10 am NYC time and arrived in Napa just in time for the Kathryn Hall release party! We met our chauffeur at the airport and after a 2-hour drive were treated to an amazing afternoon at the vineyard, with plenty of food and some amazing wines.

As always, the weather was a perfect 84 degrees and the scenery couldn’t have been better. It was great to catch up with these clients whom have all become dear friends. We sat amongst the vines tasting the incredible 2012 Kathryn Hall, got caught up with the families and great restaurants and of course what everyone had been drinking over the last year or so.

After spending about four hours at KH we then hit Pulido-Walker, recommended by a friend at Zachy’s, about 15 minutes from KH; and I have to say one of the most beautiful vineyards I have ever seen. The 115-acre estate commands views of much of the Napa Valley from a hilltop at the southern edge of the Mt. Veeder Appellation.

We spent the next 2 hours with Dan who is simply known as the “estate ambassador.” After walking the grounds with Dan, you will not argue with that title. Amazing fig, olive, lime, lemon, and pretty much anything else that smells good and looks pretty surround this awesome landscape. Dan poured the 2012 Pulido Walker Cabernet Sauvignon, Melanson Vineyard.

With 2012 being a healthy crop load with moderate summer temperatures with no rain, the fruit hung unperturbed until maturity, resulting in a fantastic wine which everyone on the J&C tour purchased. I can’t imagine what this wine will taste like after several years in all of our cellars.

Bistro JeantyOnce again the group enjoyed each other’s company as we headed to the Silverado resort to check in, shower up and grab dinner at the Bistro Jeanty. It’s imperative to plan out your trips especially if you have a larger party (anything over 8 in Napa), because seating is very limited. Everyone enjoyed dinner and I for one gave the restaurant 3 out of 5 stars.

Check back for Part II for my 5-star pick and learn about Antika Vineyard, Araujo, and Pride. Part III will feature Opus One, Corison, and Continuum.

Westfield NJ Contemporary Custom Wine Cellar

2015 September 25
by Curtis Dahl

Sleek and sexyJoseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars have designed and built many traditional wine cellars in this leafy hamlet of center hall colonials where not surprisingly the client asks for a classic wine cellar design with wood wine racks.

Recently however, we completed a wine cellar in one such classic Westfield New Jersey home, but you might be more likely to see this contemporary wine cellar in Tribeca or Miami.

Contemporary wine cellarWe met with the client and he said he wanted something contemporary, even a bit industrial looking with very clean lines and a design that would allow him to see his entire wine collection (which is predominantly French & Italian) at a glance.


Getting our weld onWe designed a glass and stainless steel facade with custom made metal wine racks inside that consist of raw carbon steel and stainless steel. The rods that cradle both 750ml & magnums are ‘terraced’ so that you can see all bottles from front to back.

Because of the massive weight of all Sparks a'flyingthe steel, we had to bring everything in in pieces and actually weld the steel wine racks on site! The client got a bit nervous when we fired the welding torch up, but we assured him no damage would occur to surrounding areas.

Once the welding sparks died down and smoke cleared, the result was a 16′ long one of a kind contemporary wine cellar with refrigeration and custom humidification systems. LED lighting bars are recessed into the ceiling for a very sleek and clean look.

Guests at this Westfield home will be quite surprised at what they find inside.


Watch a quick clip of sparks flying during installation…

East Quogue Wine Cellar That Shines

2015 August 10
by Curtis Dahl

This East Quogue New York custom wine cellar was a modern design which features an incredible back-lit floor with stainless steel interior walls, custom metal wine racks, and custom led lighting. This is the perfect wine room for a Hamptons dinner party, or for that matter anywhere else! For those that like to entertain this is the wine room for you. Imagine that special Rosé bottle illuminated with just a hint of led lighting? Seamless glass allows for an incredible view of both the sexiness of the wine room and of course that trophy collection!

Please contact one of our design specialists. Joseph & Curtis can design everything from wine racks, cooling needs, doors, windows, and paint finishes.