We Dream in Red & White
  • Double Glass Box Custom Wine Cellar
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  • Every Great Collection Deserves A Gallery
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  • Wine Gallery Metal Series
    Exclusively by Joseph & Curtis
    Patent Pending
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  • "I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food."
    -W.C. Fields
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  • "I am obsessed with the custom wine cabinets you design and build.
    I want to design entire apartments around them."
    -Sofia Feldman
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"Escaping the cube"
Fox Business 
"Wine with Me"

Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars

Traditional wood wine cellars, glass and steel wine cellars, wine cellars with tasting rooms and custom wine walls and cabinets are just a few of the wine storage styles we design, build and install at Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars. We focus on creating beautiful custom wine cellars in the home, restaurant and hospitality environment that go beyond simple wine racks. Joseph & Curtis also met the challeges of wine storage in New York head on with a series of innovative approaches that conserve space while pushing wine cellar designs to new levels. Stunning wine cellar doors, hand cut stone, custom wine cellar lighting that allow us to create a space for you to store, display and above all enjoy your wine collection with family and friends.

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