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We Dream in Red & White

Wine Tasting Rooms Gaining Popularity

2009 November 5
by Joseph & Curtis

As home wine cellars become more and more popular, wine tasting rooms are as well. A wine tasting room is simply a room set-up to enjoy your wine, food, and friends. It can become the main entertaining space in your home. It is also a room or space that isn’t 56 degrees like a wine cellar with a cooling system!

Some common features of a wine tasting room:

  • dishwashers for glass ware
  • cabinets for storage
  • wine racks for obvious reasons
  • custom built Joseph & Curtis walk-in humidor or desktop humidors
  • smoke-eaters to enjoy Room 101 Cigars
  • murals and paint finishes
  • tables
  • flat-screen and touch pad music control

All of these features make for some great nights in the tasting room! If there is not enough space to have a dedicated tasting room…try a barrel with a table top, or a bar. We have included some pictures and a video of our latest completed cellar…enjoy!


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