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We Dream in Red & White

Closet Wine Cellar Conversion

2009 March 5
by Joseph & Curtis

Not everyone is blessed with a room big enough for a true wine cellar. Please do not let that stop you. Most wine cellars are in the 8 x 10 and up range…but we have been noticing for the past couple of years clients asking us to think outside of the box and come up with other rooms (like a closet, bathroom, dining room, or even a master bedroom…just kidding on the master bedroom)

One such space was for a client in Scotch Plains, NJ…this client had a basement which already had a pool table and television area…that left us with two options: 1. mechanical room 2. a closet. We chose the closet (4 x 8) because it gave the client a great area for the cooling system to vent and for the condensate (the mechanical room)to discharge.

Once we started the demolition we went right to work on the floor (ceramic tile) and the vapor barrier (because we added cooling) and insulation and electric.

After those steps were complete we began to re-rock (mold resist) to paint ready walls…at this point we were able to take final dims and begin building the mahogany wine racks for the new wine cellar. While the racks were being built we also had our painter prime and paint the room (olive).

The custom wine racks consisted of adjustable shelving for bulk storage, high reveal display rows, diamond bins and of course our muralist creating a wonderful backdrop for the custom arch. We then installed a mahogany glass door so that the outside living space would have a complete view inside the wine cellar.

We are now in the process of converting that space into a tasting room…stay tuned.


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