Jersey Shore Custom Wine Cabinet

July 18, 2019
Jersey Shore Custom Wine Cabinet

This main floor custom wine cabinet built in the dining room has climate control, LED lighting and even a Butler's Pantry. It was designed, built, and installed by the Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars team. The engineering took extra time because of the climate control challenges and seamless glass (always a hard thing to do).  There are many things to take into account when using glass: Is there any direct sun?  Do the glass installers know how to seal properly with the conditioned space? What hardware features need to be incorporated? How do you prevent condensation from forming between the conditioned and unconditioned sides.

That being said,  glass has almost zero insulation so it's imperative that an expert is used who knows how to navigate these pitfalls. The overall bottle capacity exceeds 500 bottles and the wine racks are three deep. The LED lighting (which can change colors) is a terrific design feature at night. The overall specs of the space are 26" deep and 17' wide. Many homeowners are choosing to have their wine storage on the main floor (even if it's just a backup for the bigger cellar in the basement).

Please give us a call if we can design a true gallery for your wine!

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