Tips For Building Your Dream Wine Cellar

November 6, 2019

1. Define the Space

Start out by deciding exactly where you want your wine cellar to be, and consider any size restrictions, Dahl says.

In this Park Avenue apartment in New York City, the owner wanted his wine collection to be on display. Dahl's team added a climate-controlled cellar to an underutilized 8-by-10-foot family room, seen here. Behind glass doors, LED lights illuminate three acrylic panels studded with metal rods on which the bottles seem to float. Guests can sip and lounge just outside while listening to piano tunes.

Acrylic Wine Cellar

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2. Determine the Desired Capacity

Think about your current collection, then consider your buying habits. If you have the space, I always encourage building more for the future, Dahl says.

A client in Nyack, New York, already had more than 6,000 bottles and wanted storage for more than 10,000. Dahl’s team transformed a garage into the spacious, gleaming cellar seen here. Wood storage racks stretch 13 feet to the ceiling and are stacked to a double depth, so bottles can be tucked behind others. Larger bottles stand proudly in special niches, and there are spots for spirits as well as tables for tastings and dinners.

Rustic Wine Cellar

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3. Choose the Style

Decide on an overall aesthetic, whether it's traditional Tuscan or modern minimalist. Then focus on ways to make the room look amazing and one of a kind, Dahl says.

The owner of the Westchester County, New York, wine cellar seen here wanted to create a space that mimicked his global collection. To achieve his dream, Dahl’s team designed a space with multiple areas. An old-world room in front with a coffered ceiling and black walnut shelves houses European labels. A room in back with a sleek barrel ceiling holds California wines, all lit with LEDs. A stone-lined grotto connects the two spaces.

Mediterranean Wine Cellar

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4. Plan Carefully

With careful planning and using a wine cellar design specialist such as Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars, almost any space can be used for wine storage. The trick is to customize the space for your unique needs. Please contact us and also check out some of our custom wine cellar projects for inspiration! Cheers

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