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We Dream in Red & White

Matt Booth Q & A

2009 October 20
by Joseph & Curtis

>Matt Booth is a good friend of Joseph & Curtis and someone we admire very much…he is a man who marches to his own beat and his quality of work is second to none..here is a glimpse into the “Conspiracy”

“We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those that would do us harm”

J&C: That’s my favorite quote…so first things first: Much respect for your service to this GREAT nation…do you have a favorite quote?

I don’t do many quotes – one that stuck with me however, is from our man Benjamin Franklin“Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both”

J&C: Tell us about your service to our country as a marine.

I served four years with 3/7 India Company in their Weapons platoon as a machine-gunner 0331 from ’96 – 2000. I made some of the best friends of my lifetime, and now several years later several of us work together surrounding Room101.

J&C: How does a marine become a jewelry designer?

That is an interesting question – the short version is….after I got out I moved directly to Hollywood proper to pursue music as a career – and started digging in to the insidious “industry” in general…

I was introduced to this style of crazy silver jewelery here in Hollywood and it took me from simply interested and intrigued – to obsessed and ultimately I am where I am today because of those earlier experiences here in LA.

J&C: Tell us about your feelings about a cause very dear to both our hearts, the Wounded Warrior Project.

The Wounded Warrior Project is an extremely vital program that focuses on raising aid for the guys and girls that are coming home severely injured as well as lobbying for new legislation that will help support those same soldiers and provide them with much needed care for their injuries. It is a cause that I support whole heatedly and I am utilizing the marketing campaign surrounding the launch of the Room101 cigar to help raise awareness for the cause. I urge everyone that has not already to log on to www.woundedwarriorproject.com to learn more.

J&C: Tell us about what Room 101 is and about the Conspiracy.

Room101 is my baby, my brand and my life.

In my opinion (of course I could be somewhat biased) Room101 is the finest, and most fully comprehensive luxury lifestyle collection in existence. We pride ourselves on our jewelry design first and foremost of course – but we have expanded the collection with items ranging from travel accessories to custom instruments, custom vehicle collaborations, custom knives and of course as you may be aware, cigars…. Room101 is something I live and breathe.

The Conspiracy began as my middle finger to the world – to let the nay-sayers know that this brand is for real.Since its inception, the Conspiracy has grown to include other believers and supporters who understand what we are doing, connect with our philosophy on a deeper level, and contribute their own talents to our mission. I like to think of the Conspiracy as our own “by invitation only” club. The momentum has grown to the point where we are now approached by people asking if they can be a part of it.

J&C: Describe your style in four words.

1. I
3. TO

J&C: What’s an average day for Matt Booth?

My days are anything but average. Everything changes on a day to day basis, depending on the needs of the brand. People have a perception that this is all glitz and glamor because they see the final product. However, few people realize the hard work and long hours that go into what I do on a daily basis. Now that we have added the cigar brand, my responsibilities are twice as great and my time is more in demand than ever. Everyday I wake up ready for all of it. I am blessed that I am able to work for myself and the future of the Room101 family.

J&C: Eddie Bauer had the Ford Explorer…I am thinking a Matt Booth F-16?

It’s funny you would bring up airplanes…lately I have been itching to Room101 out a private jet interior….now I just need the plane.

J&C: I know you work with a couple chopper builders…do u ride?

I grew up riding dirt bikes – and the Room101 bobber is going to hit the streets of LA 2010.

J&C: What’s your favorite place to chill?

To be honest with you – the ability to chill has eluded me for the past few years. I would have to say lately it would be the deck on my pad in Hollywood with a good cigar and my Chihuahua.

J&C: Tell us about the cigar launch…and where can someone buy them AND what makes a good cigar?

From what I hear it’s nothing short of a success. The Room101 cigar can be purchased most anywhere fine Camacho products are sold. It’s a killer smoke – go out and get you some!

J&C: Would you ever consider lending your Room 101 flavor to a humidor for us or one of our clients?

Of course..It would be my pleasure my man…I am always looking to take on projects that are new and interesting. I’m looking forward to the first Room101 walk in humidor project with Joseph & Curtis.

J&C: Where can our readers learn more about Room 101?


Needless to say, Matt Booth is the real deal and fights for what he believes in, doesn’t let anything get in his way. We all can learn a lesson from Matt and the Room 101 Conspiracy – party hard, work harder!

Room 101 and Camacho sent us 2 boxes of Room 101 cigars that we will review at the Joseph & Curtis Fan Page on Facebook, Become a Fan to keep in touch!

Matt, thanks again for the interview, we wish you NOTHING BUT SUCCESS and look forward to collaborating on some killer projects with Room 101.


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