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We Dream in Red & White

Travel the World of Wine

2011 May 14
by Joseph & Curtis

Vineyards in commune of Serralunga d'AlbaThese days, when it comes to wine, you can find a great bottle originating from every continent across the globe. When looking to travel to and explore the numerous wine regions, many wine enthusiasts immediately think of France as their first stop, and understandably so. Personally, I would choose Italy, and more specifically the Barolo region because wines from Barolo tend to be most of my favorites. My suggestion is to first visit the region where your favorite wine is born.

I recently found some great suggestions, from CheapFlights, who published an article titled Top Ten Wine Regions Around The World. Definitely go to the region that produces your favorite wines first, then compile your bucket list for future wine region travels.

What wine regions have you been to? Please share some of your experiences in the comments below.


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