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Wine Cellar Doors: Design Options to Consider

2013 January 25
by Curtis Dahl

One of the many focal points of a wine cellar, often overlooked, is the wine cellar door.

Seamless glass? Wrought iron? Clear glass? Etching?

Glass and Wrought Iron Wine Cellar Door

All can be terrific choices and used equally well, but at Joseph & Curtis we help in the design implementation of every door.

Our web site shows clear pictures of each style door in its natural beauty with drop down menus for ease of navigation.

Wine cellar design choices include:

  • wrought iron
  • jamb size
  • door width
  • door height
  • sidelight options
  • swings
  • lead time


Wine Cellar Door Design Options

All of our doors are priced unfinished in their natural beauty.When you buy a wine cellar door, think about whether you want to add a new decorative element or architectural flair to your wine cellar. Do you want to add decorative casings such as fluted or over sized than standard casings?

Do you need additional security for your wine cellar such as coded entry or even fingerprint recognition?

The wine cellar door needs to withstand the elements of both the temperature (usually 58-62 degrees) and humidity, yet strong enough to keep your wine safe and secure. All of the doors listed on the J&C door page fit that bill.

Our solid mahogany doors are built to last a lifetime, and are handcrafted one at a time.

Design Features for Your Wine Cellar Door

Whether arched, square, full radius, single or double door, Joseph & Curtis is here to create unique doors as distinctive, classic or stylish as your personality and your wine cellar.

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  1. Jean permalink
    January 30, 2013

    I like wine fridges made of glass. It makes an nice piece of attraction in the house or part of a storage room.

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