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Introducing CellaRaiders – They’ll Buy Your Wine Collection

2013 March 5
by Joseph & Curtis


CellaRaiders is a tremendous resource for acquiring wines. CellaRaiders is in the business of buying wine collectors cellars, either partial or complete. People sell their wine for many reasons; tastes change, the need to liquidate their investment, estate planning, financial difficulties, downsizing. You name it, the reasons are myriad.

The bottom line is, the secondary market is a great place to find older wines at prices that rival auction, without waiting or the risk of losing the wine to a higher bidder. I take great pains to make sure that what I buy has been properly cellared. I don’t want to drink, nor do I want to sell, poorly cellared wine.

A quick note about the site itself. THE INVENTORY ON THE WEBSITE IS REALTIME. As each collection is added to the site, as each bottle(s) is sold, the site is automatically updated. Once a transaction online is completed, the inventory automatically adjusts. Unless the data is input incorrectly, what you see on the site, is what is actually there. The site is a full eCommerce website, which means the best way to purchase is to log onto your account, and buy whatever you desire.

Please check CellaRaiders.com before your next purchase – we think you will be happy if you do!

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