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We Dream in Red & White

The Melo Wine Cellar

2016 October 25
by Curtis Dahl

Carmelo Anthony with Joseph & Curtis

We work alongside some of the finest and brightest minds in the architectural and design world on a daily basis; this is what we do day in and day out. ALL of our clients are treated as MVP clients…but our recently completed “man cave” is truly an MVP wine cellar…and it simply goes by the name of MELO. Being a huge Syracuse and NY Knick fan, I was so happy we were able to make Carmelo Anthony‘s dream cellar come true.

We worked with designer Alicia LaMar to change one of his bedrooms into a room where Melo could chill before games, relax on the weekends, and of course store his favorite vino and cigars (he has incredible taste in both!). The design is modern, with clean lines and sexy lighting. Alicia decided to add a snake skin paint finish to the room which really makes the artwork and the racking “pop.”

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