Custom Wine Cellar in Rumson New Jersey

October 31, 2018
Custom Wine Cellar in Rumson New Jersey

Rumson is one of my favorite towns in the Garden State.  Over the years we have built many wine cellars in Rumson, and it is always a pleasure to work there. Back when Sandy hit the area hard, many of our clients had to rebuild from scratch and that was very sad to see, but the town fought back with its incredible spirit and now is as strong as ever!

Rumson offers beautiful architecture and excellent restaurants, such as Fromagerie, Ristorante Giorgia, Undici and now this vibrant town now has one more magnificent Joseph & Curtis custom wine cellar in one of our client's homes. The cellar was engineered, designed, built, installed by J&C and features a ducted climate-controlled unit which allows the owner to see zero mechanicals in the wine room (only supply and return grills), a custom-made arch door (made in Sapele), custom wine racks (Sapele) with a water-based clear coat of lacquer, tasting table, and paint finish.

The cellar sits in the basement just off of the game room and is the main feature in the home which the clients use to entertain their guests. They have an incredible wine collection, with Quintessa being one of their favorites.

Please enjoy the photos and check us out at www.josephandcurtis.com

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