Darien Connecticut Custom Wine Cellar

January 6, 2013

The new wine cellar recently completed in Darien, Connecticut boasts over 4,000 bottles. The owner previously purchased wine racks from one of the large "internet" based companies and quickly realized the quality was not up to par. So he reached out to Joseph & Curtis

Wine Cellar in Darien Connecticut

to gut, extend, and beautify his wine cellar. A boring low detail wine cellar became a stone and Sapele Mahogany masterpiece which is now featured on Houzz.The "internet" company made their racking from "Mahogany," which turned out to really be a low grade hybrid from Malaysia...huge difference between that and the highest grade of Sapele used by J&C. The owner asked for specific amounts of specialty storage (large formats, champs, pinots, case bins, etc) which we built to the exact dimension and storage needed.What separates J&C from any other company out there is not only our attention to detail but the ability to turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece. Our team creates unique designs which are custom-built with the finest materials and expert craftsmanship to reflect the cellar needs and aesthetic tastes of the collector. Whether working with a blueprint or a joint collaboration with architects or interior

Stone cellar entrace and door

designers, 100% client satisfaction is our mission.Joe & I began this business with an understanding and agreement that unless we separated ourselves with design, quality and execution, there was no point in doing it, because ultimately it would fail. We saw our share of ‘stick kits’ that most online wine rack sites sell, and realized we wanted no part of that. I guess the other (and honestly more fun) part of the Joseph & Curtis philosophy is that we understand that we are not just selling wine cellars, but lifestyles as well.

Please take a look and see if you agree! Happy New Year everyone!

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