MoonStone Wine Cabinet in Great Neck Long Island

June 30, 2014

Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars have designed and built many Long Island wine cellars. Residential and restaurant wine cellars and cabinets are our specialty. We recently designed and built a contemporary wine cabinet for a new Chinese restaurant in Great Neck, Long Island.

MoonStone is a newly renovated space at 14 Northern Blvd in Great Neck. Owner Tommy Lee met with Joseph & Curtis and asked us to design a contemporary glass and steel wine cabinet to cellar the restaurants impressive wine collection.The new restaurant is stunning without being stuffy or pretentious. The menu is both traditional & eclectic, but make no mistake, this is Chinese cuisine at its best.

One highlight of the food we sampled was Jumbo Prawns cooked in a sweet & sour sauce in their shells. Peel the shell back to expose Lobster like meat that melts in your mouth. Traditional 'soupy buns' to which one of our guests commented 'these are as good or better than what I've had in Shanghai. A custom wine cabinet can be both wine storage and a beautiful way to display your wine list to guests.

Make the trip to MoonStone Chinese Cuisine and sample their great food/wine and atmosphere.


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