Wine Cellar Designs for 2019

January 21, 2019

Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars introduce two new custom wine rack designs for 2019.Bespoke. Handcrafted in America. Every great collection deserves a gallery. Let Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars create one for you. The classic Chevron pattern which is French in origin and dates back to the late 14th century.

These zig-zagging lines which meet at angles create a visually elegant pattern and a sharp, intended contrast to the circular shape of the wine bottles. We back light these wine racks to create a beautiful halo of light that repeats the Chevron pattern for an stunning presentation of your wine collection.

WineWave is an original Joseph & Curtis trade-marked design that follows the soft contours of a wine bottle for a harmonious combination of wine storage & display. These metal wine racks are hand made and can be done in raw carbon steel with natural patinas or stainless steel as well as powder coated to any color imaginable. As always, Joseph & Curtis signature custom LED lighting experts play a big role in the overall visual result of these one of a kind custom metal wine racks.

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