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Which wood species is right for your custom wine cellar?

2009 January 5
by Joseph & Curtis

By far the most popular wood species to use when building custom wine cellars are Pine, Redwood and Mahogany. Each wood species is unique in its own way. Like many aspects of wine cellar construction, many of your decisions will depend on whether or not a cooling system will be used; choosing your wood species is no exception.

Pine is the least expensive of the 3 popular wood types but it cannot be used if you are planning on utilizing a climate controlled system in the cellar…it will not hold up. One advantage of Pine wood is that it can be stained to match the aesthetics of the rest of the wine cellar.

Here is an example of stained Pine racking:

Here is an example of Pine racking (without stain):

Redwood is a beautiful wood species and comes in two choices – Premium Redwood and All Heart Redwood. Please note that Redwood does not stain well due to the oils present in the wood. Premium Redwood is the least expensive of the two redwood species and has much more variations and color in the wood whereas All Heart Redwood is much darker and consistent. It is a good idea to leave either Redwood unfinished. Redwood will withstand the humid conditions within the wine storage room because it contains natural wood preservatives within it.

Here is an example of Premium Redwood racking:

Here is an example of All Heart Redwood racking:

Mahogany is the last of the three wood species commonly used in wine cellar construction. Mahogany is ideal because it is the most durable. Mahogany will not warp or swell. It is resistant to decay due to dampness, making it perfect for the higher humidity levels typically found in wine cellars with climate controlled systems. For our customers that want that “furniture grade look” Mahogany is by far the best choice because it is ideal for stain and lacquer applications. Chemicals in stain and paint can travel through corks and ruin the flavor of wine! So if you choose to stain we HIGHLY RECOMMEND using a water base stain.

At Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars we offer a wide range of Mahogany species available; Malaysian Mahogany, Genuine Mahogany and African Mahogany to name a few. The Mahogany that we use is harvested from farms that certify the sustainability of their products.

Here is an example of Malaysian Mahogany racking:

Here is an example of Malaysian Mahogany racking (without stain):

For a sample of our mahogany species, or any other wood species we offer, please give us a call at (908) 337-2204 or contact us online, we would love to assist in bringing your wine cellar dreams to life!

Check back for more about building custom wine cellars.


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