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We Dream in Red & White

From Empty Space to Amazing Cellar

2010 November 19
by Joseph & Curtis

Raw empty space, brick and stone wallsOur latest cellar building project was just completed and we would like to share some of the latest photos which will now make their home on our website. This project was a complete build-out, from raw empty space. (click on the images to zoom-in)

The wall we had to build.The only trick was the fact that the owners insisted that we maintain the overall aesthetics of the 1920 facade (stone and brick). This was tricky since we had to build an entire new wall to enclose the wine room, but in the end, maintaining the stone and brick facade turned out to be a brilliant suggestion.

J&C and the crew working the cellar.The owners wanted us to add natural stone to the bottom of both windows as well as add an arched window where you can see the custom made wine display as well as the amazing brick work from the ping pong room.

We chose a natural slate floor to pick up the stone and brick colors as well as a distressed plaster effect on the ceiling which added tremendous character and depth with the led lighting.

African mahogany wood was used for cellarLast but not least, we built the entire wine cellar room (wine racks, windows, and crown) from African Mahogany – there just isn’t anything like it in the world!

The wine room has a bottle capacity of over 900 bottles and is equipped with a Joseph and Curtis Split cooling system. The #100 Wine Cellar Door was chosen for the entrance to the cellar.

In and effort to provide the best customer service Joseph & Curtis will be providing cellar management to our clients (including this one). Our cellar management services will include organizing, inventory, wine tagging and purchasing advice.

Brick arch doorway looking into cellarWe hoped you enjoyed our latest creation and that you will choose Joseph & Curtis for all of your wine storage needs, more to come in 2011!

There are many more pictures below, please enjoy and let us know what you think in our comments section.

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