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Last-Minute Engraved Humidor for Nolan Ryan

2011 October 1
by Joseph & Curtis

As many of you know,  Joseph and Curtis build wine cellars across the country…but our humidor and engraving service is also a very large part of our business. We are the largest engraving and humidor supplier to our US troops… and are VERY proud of that fact. Having  engraved humidors for soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan, Germany, and many other places,  we always go out of our way to support our veterans…with proceeds supporting the work of the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

Engraved humidor from Joseph & CurtisWe were also very honored to be able to engrave a “last minute” gift to one of our boyhood idols, Mr Nolan Ryan,  strikeout king and President of the Texas Rangers.  His assistant had asked if we could provide an engraving for a  gift within 3 days.

Normally it takes up to two weeks but,  for Nolan Ryan,  we were able to pull it off in time for a very special ceremony (his AAA coach’s 1,500 wins). I cannot think of another player whom I respect more…both on and off the field. Mr Ryan is one of the few “stars” whose name I would be PROUD of my sons to wear (if only he was a Yankee).

Just to show how truly classy Mr Ryan is, check out what came in the mail today.

Nolan Ryan Signed BaseballIts always a pleasure to support great people.  Our men and woman who serve this great nation are first and foremost…but Mr Ryan is not far behind. God Bless America!

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