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We Dream in Red & White

Killer Custom Basement Wine Cellar and Bar

2012 June 11
by Joseph & Curtis

Stairs to this amazing basement with bar and wine cellarWhat do you do if you have just a crawl space and have an incredible love of wine? Well of course you have to hand dig the basement out (or pay someone to 🙂 and then build an incredible bar, tasting area, and of course a 1,000+ bottle custom wine cellar!

The wine cellar consists of two windows and a wrought iron mahogany door. As you enter into the wine cellar you are greeted by an original hand painted mural of the family home in Tuscany. Custom wine racks consist of display rows, individual diamond bins, horizontal display for Magnums, and mill work to conceal a small storage area.

The room is warm and yet serves the greater purpose as the main focal point of an incredible basement.

Lets catch up with Dan, the home owner:

How long have you been collecting?
About 4 years

What if any was your epiphany wine?
Nothing specific, maybe a Rhone Valley CDP

2 wine barrels hugging the wine cellar doorWhat was your first wine cellar or fridge?
SubZero, two zone under-counter fridge

How big is your collection?
Approximately 900 bottles

Favorite region?
Tuscany or Rhone Valley

Any region or varietal you are exploring?
California Syrah, Rhone rangers, Paso Robles

Your trophy wine?

If the house is burning and you can only grab 3 wines what would they be and why?
3 magnums, 2006 Sassicaia, 2006 Ornellaia, 2004 Soldera Brunello, great vintages from 3 great producers

Favorite food and wine pairing?
Veal Chop and Brunello

Check out this bar leading into the wine cellarFavorite region to visit?

Favorite restaurant for wine dinners?
Fiorino, Summit NJ

Greatest value in the market today?
Australian Shiraz

Where do you see your collection growing to?
Probably not much larger than 1,000 bottles

Do you acquire wines by auction?

How often do you use the tasting room/wine cellar?
Twice a month on average

Displays for those special wine bottlesWhat is your favorite part of the cellar?
The mural of my father’s house in Italy

Please describe your wine cellar.
Light mahogany racking, tile floor, I have mostly Italian, French and California wines with some Spanish mixed in

Anything else you would like to add please do?
Joseph and Curtis are the best

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