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We Dream in Red & White

“Eyecandy” Wine Cabinet for NYC Apartment

2015 December 17
by Curtis Dahl

Eyecandy modern wine cellar off kitchenThe interior design team for a NYC apartment approached Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars┬áto create, design, build, and install a one-of-a-kind showpiece in its latest project. The owner wanted a centerpiece with one catch, it had to be “eyecandy,” or “artwork” for his wine display. He also needed 200 bottles at minimum for his storage.

Once we came up with the location (in his kitchen), we had to put the engineering team to work for the unique space and cooling elements associated with NYC living. Once complete we began to build out the infrastructure: vapor barrier, insulation and rough ins. The inside of the cabinet interior is brushed brass with black peg wine racks and custom stainless steel horizontal racking. The outside of the cabinet is raw carbon steel with lacquer and is equipped with a keyless Maglock with remote. The overall bottle count came in at just under 350 bottles and is by far “the favorite space of the owner”.

Please contact us if we can help build a custom wine cellar for your needs and remember we dream in red and white.

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