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We Dream in Red & White

NYC Glass Wine Cabinet

2018 February 12
by Curtis Dahl

NYC Glass Wine Cabinet

Great Oregon Pinot Noirs are highly sought after and this upper east side wine collector has some of the best. He quickly outgrew his wine fridge and wanted a more long term wine cellar solution for his growing wine collection.

This glass and metal wine cellar is directly adjacent to his custom made dining room table and needed to be both beautiful and hold as many bottles as possible. There was existing HVAC equipment encased in cabinets on the lower section of the wall that could not be relocated. Above this was ‘dead space.’ We designed and built a custom glass wine cabinet that sat on top. The client likes to boast that ‘Joseph & Curtis gave me 450 bottles of custom wine storage and I didn’t lose a single inch of living space.’ The result is a stunning glass & metal custom wine cabinet with LED lighting that showcases this wine collection to dinner guests at his upper east side penthouse.


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