Custom Wine Cellar in Westchester, NY

August 15, 2011
Westchester, NY Wine Cellar

Our latest project consisted of a client's need to find a home for 1500+ bottles...the challenge was the exact numbers of case bins that needed to be stored and a clear desire for a dramatic wine storage presentation.The home, located in Westchester NY, had an unfinished basement where the custom wine cellar would be built.  Our cellar design consultation (both for wine storage and the build out of the wine room) uncovered the client's needs and wants. The customers made it very clear how many OWC (original wood case bins) were to be stored, but were very open to 750 storage, horizontal displays, and, of course, dramatic windows and door.We decided that the existing hvac trunk would become a soffit (left side of room) but enclosed a column in a rather seamless way. While we began constructing the shell we also began to sketch out the racking lay-out. Once we agreed on the design, the homeowners chose Sapele Mahogany for the wine racks and a patterned stone tile for the floor. The lighting was clean and simple with several 3" cans and sconces. The wine racks were very challenging because of the different ceiling heights but came out fantastic.

Before shot of the Westchester, NY Wine Cellar

The wine cellar was a true build-out in every sense of the word, with several challenges including but not limited to placement of the cooling system coil and compressor, the unique ceiling heights, the time frame of the build-out...but as always we were on time and on budget!We are able to build, ship and in most cases install wine racks and millwork anywhere in the world using just about any species of wood or metal. Please browse our new and improved website where you can find metal / wood wine racks, doors, many different cooling unit options ( including self contained, split and ducted) , wine cellar ladders, and  cellar management.

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