River Terrace NYC Wine Cellar

August 21, 2013
Joe Talking with Riccardo and Flavia

Building a wine cellar in NYC is always a challenge but something we enjoy doing...one of our current wine cellar projects in River Terrace, NYC is currently under construction. It consists of a complete gut job and the conversion of a bathroom to a wine cellar.

We met with the other half of the design team, Riccardo and Flavia of Flavia Portugal Design, to work through cooling and humidity issues and the placement of equipment and trunk locations. The wine cellar will feature 2 walls of floor-to-ceiling glass and stainless steel wine racks....very slick and clean, yet still able to squeeze in over 700 bottles for storage. The feature wall will be (5) bottles deep of custom stainless wine racks to help reach that capacity, one more reason why custom is always better.

We also walked through LED lighting and locations which will help set the mood and highlight the owner's incredible wine collection. And where is wine happiest? 14 stories above the ground with an incredible view and a perfect 60 degrees and 67% humidity!

Ciao Bella!

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