Wine Cellar Project in Jacksonville / Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

February 26, 2013

In building wine cellars across the country, one of my favorite destinations is Jacksonville/Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Having attended both Bolles and Bishop Kenny High Schools during my 15 years in Amelia Island, it's great to see the amazing progress and maturing that has happened in J-Ville. When I moved down to Jacksonville in 1984, there was the Florida-Georgia football game preceded by "the largest cocktail party in the world" in the parking lot...and that was about it. The next big event was The Jacksonville Landing, pro football (the Jags), and Ragtime's.Ever since, Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra have had an incredible growth, and with that great restaurants and now many wine shops. Some of my favorite spots are Matthew's in San Marco, and Aqua Grill and Nineteen in Ponte Vedra. The wine shops that stand out are Tim's in Ponte Vedra, W-90 and of course Total Wine in JAX.

Florida has always been one of the better states for building wine cellars, with Jacksonville being one of our top markets in the last few years. We have added two local sales reps to help with build-outs, project management, and of course sales. Our latest project in Ponte Vedra Beach is in the initial design and build-out stage. It will have a very nautical theme (hence the porthole), full floor to ceiling glass, located just 20' from the pool and with an incredible view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Here are a couple of photos of the wine room and its amazing view!

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