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We Dream in Red & White

Modern Vegas-Style Custom Wine Room

2020 August 24
by Curtis Dahl

Modern Vegas Style Custom Wine Room

Over the last several years the design trends have certainly favored the modern features. With that said our latest wine room which was inspired by a client’s trip to Vegas where she did want to bring something back from Vegas – the design of a modern suite they rented.

So we came up with an ultra modern acrylic wine room with coffer ceilings, smoked mirror backsplash, antique mirror in the coffers, tile floor, and of course we had to back light all of the acrylic wine racks for that “wow” factor. The climate system is a ducted unit which we hid in an adjacent room where all of the lighting equipment sits as well. The cellar holds just over 1000 wine bottles and the led lighting can be many different colors we chose blue for the shoot which will be featured in the next Wine Spectator issue. This wine room was designed, built, and installed by the Joseph and Curtis Custom Wine Cellar team – stay safe and as always dream in red and white!

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Classic SOHO Loft: Converting Laundry Room into Custom Wine Cellar Vault

2020 May 11
by Curtis Dahl

Custom Wine Cellar Vault

Amazing conversion of what was the original laundry room in this landmark Soho loft. The custom wine racks are completely hand made from raw carbon steel with a patina that give the wine racks age and atmosphere. The walls are skinned in solid antique brass sheets. Marble floors. The combination of the steel, brass and marble have the look and feel of an old bank vault. In reality, this NYC custom wine cellar is a vault, keeping this wine collectors world class collection safe. I would like to make a withdrawal please!

Are you ready to start working on your custom wine cellar – contact us today!

Tribeca Penthouse Glass & Steel Custom Wine Cellar

2020 April 21
by Curtis Dahl

Glass & Steel Custom Wine Cellar

Interior walls oiled bronze. Custom label-out horizontal wine racks were hand made from 304 stainless with a matte finish.

We were literally putting the finishing touches on this glass & steel wine cellar the day before the building got locked down due to the COVID-19 virus.

The owner managed to get his wine delivered and was nice enough to send a few photos!

Not a bad place to be if you can’t leave!

He won’t go thirsty.

Custom Wine Closet With Bells & Whistles

2020 April 14
by Curtis Dahl

Custom Wine Closet

Hope everyone is safe and sound and had a great Easter or Passover.

Here is a recent closet conversion with a lot of bells and whistles. The wine closet features American black walnut wine racks built in our custom mill, along with tile mural, lighting, brick floor, custom radius door and metal work – and of course the stone entry. This custom wine cellar holds over 300 wine bottles even with all of the displays.

At Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars, we love to take the ordinary and make exceptional wine storage no matter the size or space!


Lake Forest Illinois Wine Cellar

2020 March 24
by Curtis Dahl

Lake Forest Illinois Custom Wine Cellar

Time at home allowed our Lake Forest, Illinois wine collector to finally stock his massive wine cellar! We posted progress pics of this project back in December. Here is the finished product. Upwards of 3000 bottles, custom humidor with old growth Spanish Cedar, tray ceiling lined with smoky grey wood planking. We made a custom tasting table with reclaimed wine barrel staves.

This homeowner has a world class wine collection and at Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars we believe Every Great Collection Deserves a Gallery!

Stay safe & well.

Westfield New Jersey Wine Room

2020 January 29
by Curtis Dahl

Westfield NJ Custom Wine Room

We recently completed a custom wine cellar project in Westfield, NJ for a repeat customer who moved from Hoboken (not a lot of space) to a home with much space (including a finished basement). We built a modern metal and wood custom wine cabinet (in the Hoboken home) just off of the kitchen. The owners love to entertain and it was the focus of the home. When they moved to the suburbs the owner stressed he wanted to try and incorporate the same feel in the new home. First, we looked at space on the main floor then went into the basement. The basement had tons of space but the owner decided he would give up an above-ground family room for the wine cellar.

The room had some engineering issues meaning (windows, ac/heat, wood flooring) all needed to be addressed before we could get to work on the design. The wood flooring was replaced with stone, the windows were sealed with a proper vapor barrier and insulation, and all of the ac/heat was capped off and removed from the space. Hence creating the blank canvas for our design team.

The owner was hoping to keep some modern feel to the space (the new home is transitional) so we decided on wood racking for the lower wine racks, and metal and acrylic for the uppers. We also carried the wood around the entire room with the counter tops. We then added a peninsula with a distressed wine barrel and custom tasting table with drawers and additional wine storage. The room is climate-controlled with an outdoor ductless split cooling system and is concealed wih the same wood wine racking material (in this case Ash) and sits behind louvers.

The room is controlled with a digital thermostat and the lighting is controlled with a switch, and the leds by remote control. The added bonus to this custom wine room is the wine barrel staves we used on the ceiling. Overall the wine room came in on time and as always on budget. It’s exciting to see these projects from start to finish and the fact that we have been building not only wine cellars but friendships as well!

Take a quick video tour of our latest custom wine room.

Cheers and God Bless

vertical view of wine room

Kitchen Wine Gallery in Chelsea New York, NY

2019 December 12
by Curtis Dahl

An Acrylic & Bronze bespoke wine cellar that acts as both a wine gallery and room divider. Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars utilized a space in the kitchen of this penthouse to showcase the owners French Burgundy collection.

We designed this custom glass & steel wine cellar with dazzle in mind, and dazzle it does. Floating bottles on acrylic panels that glow with indirect lighting are the first thing you see when you leave the elevator into the residence.


Considerations When Building A Wine Cellar

2019 November 27
by Nick Jackson

During my career in wine, I have visited many wine cellars and have seen it all: beautiful, perfectly constructed, easy to use cellars to impractical, difficult, ugly cellars. When you’re thinking about your new cellar, here are a few considerations.

  • Size. The most common mistake I see when it comes to cellar design is also the most obvious one: size. While everyone has space constraints, do whatever you can to make your cellar bigger than you think you will ever need. Because if you’re interested in wine now, you’re going to be interested in it tomorrow too. Trust me, you’ll need the space.
  • Access. This is a mundane one, but do whatever you can do to ensure that access to and from your storage is easy. That means: as few steps as possible; doorways that are full height; an elevator if possible and wide walkways inside so it’s easy to move around. Small, cramped, stuffed wine cellars seem romantic – until you start avoiding going in because it’s quite literally painful to do so.
  • Different types of storage within the cellar. Loose bottles should be stored in racks. But wines purchased in wooden or other cases should be left in those original cases. Cases are easy to stack, and if you ever re-sell the wines, original cases retain their value better than loose bottles. So make sure to dedicate some part of your space to case storage – not just bottle storage.
  • More than one storage area. Even if your cellar is at home, almost all collectors have a day to day form of storage immediately at hand in the kitchen – usually a wine fridge. Grab and go bottles make life much easier than running to the cellar a few times a day during holidays and other busy periods. If you really want to keep your hands off your wines until they’ve aged further, using professional, off-site storage means more space in your home cellar for ready to drink wines.
  • Temperature and humidity control. The best looking cellar in the world is useless unless the climate is properly regulated. I prefer storing wine (red, white, sparkling – it’s all the same) around 55 degrees, and at around 70% humidity.


About the Author
Nick Jackson MW is one of the US’s 53 Masters of Wine, the highest qualification in wine. Nick lives in New York and advises private clients on building and managing wine collections, through his business, Vintage Variation LLC.

Tips For Building Your Dream Wine Cellar

2019 November 6
by Curtis Dahl

1. Define the Space

Start out by deciding exactly where you want your wine cellar to be, and consider any size restrictions, Dahl says.

In this Park Avenue apartment in New York City, the owner wanted his wine collection to be on display. Dahl’s team added a climate-controlled cellar to an underutilized 8-by-10-foot family room, seen here. Behind glass doors, LED lights illuminate three acrylic panels studded with metal rods on which the bottles seem to float. Guests can sip and lounge just outside while listening to piano tunes.

Acrylic Wine Cellar
See more of this project

2. Determine the Desired Capacity

Think about your current collection, then consider your buying habits. If you have the space, I always encourage building more for the future, Dahl says.

A client in Nyack, New York, already had more than 6,000 bottles and wanted storage for more than 10,000. Dahl’s team transformed a garage into the spacious, gleaming cellar seen here. Wood storage racks stretch 13 feet to the ceiling and are stacked to a double depth, so bottles can be tucked behind others. Larger bottles stand proudly in special niches, and there are spots for spirits as well as tables for tastings and dinners.

Rustic Wine Cellar
See more of this project

3. Choose the Style

Decide on an overall aesthetic, whether it’s traditional Tuscan or modern minimalist. Then focus on ways to make the room look amazing and one of a kind, Dahl says.

The owner of the Westchester County, New York, wine cellar seen here wanted to create a space that mimicked his global collection. To achieve his dream, Dahl’s team designed a space with multiple areas. An old-world room in front with a coffered ceiling and black walnut shelves houses European labels. A room in back with a sleek barrel ceiling holds California wines, all lit with LEDs. A stone-lined grotto connects the two spaces.

Mediterranean Wine Cellar
See more of this project

4. Plan Carefully

With careful planning and using a wine cellar design specialist such as Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars, almost any space can be used for wine storage. The trick is to customize the space for your unique needs.

Please contact us and also check out some of our custom wine cellar projects for inspiration!


600+ Bottle Custom Wine Cellar in Lower East Side Penthouse

2019 August 8
by Curtis Dahl

Incredible views of the Manhattan skyline outside the door of this New York City custom wine cellar designed and built by Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars.

This compact cellar features:

  • Black Walnut custom wine racks.
  • Invisible climate control system concealed in ceiling.
  • Custom LED lighting details to show off this impressive wine collection.

At Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars, we believe Every Great Collection Deserves a Gallery.

Let us create one for you, contact us today.


Jersey Shore Custom Wine Cabinet

2019 July 18
by Curtis Dahl

Jersey Shore Custom Wine Cabinet

This main floor custom wine cabinet built in the dining room has climate control, LED lighting and even a Butler’s Pantry. It was designed, built, and installed by the Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars team. The engineering took extra time because of the climate control challenges and seamless glass (always a hard thing to do).

There are many things to take into account when using glass: Is there any direct sun? Do the glass installers know how to seal properly with the conditioned space? What hardware features need to be incorporated? How do you prevent condensation from forming between the conditioned and unconditioned sides.

That being said, glass has almost zero insulation so it’s imperative that an expert is used who knows how to navigate these pitfalls. The overall bottle capacity exceeds 500 bottles and the wine racks are three deep. The LED lighting (which can change colors) is a terrific design feature at night. The overall specs of the space are 26″ deep and 17′ wide.

Many homeowners are choosing to have their wine storage on the main floor (even if it’s just a backup for the bigger cellar in the basement). Please give us a call if we can design a true gallery for your wine!

What Does a 10,000 Bottle Wine Room Look Like?

2019 June 6
by Curtis Dahl

What does a 10,000-bottle wine cellar look like? You’re about to see. I want to give you a little background about the project which is located in Nyack, NY. The owner has a Tuscan-styled home overlooking the Tappan Zee Bridge. He wanted the aesthetics of the wine room to match the Tuscan-style of the home, house 10,000 bottles, and make it look like it’s been in the home since the very beginning. At Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars, we love a design challenge and went right to work.

Fox Builders helped with the construction (we had to demo a garage bay 40’x35′ x 13’ceiling height, down to the studs so we could get the room ready to become a giant refrigerator – vapor barrier, insulation, etc.), not to mention needing to engineer proper cellar temperatures with humidity controls. Half of this space is below grade and the balance is not, which also had to be factored into our planning. Once we figured out the cooling system, the electrical layouts were designed with led-type lighting and several display areas. In addition to the 10,000-bottle wine racks, there is also a butler’s pantry with working sink, dishwasher, and stemware. Because of the high ceilings, the cellar was also designed with two rolling library ladders. The cooling is a ducted system, the custom wine racks are black walnut (all custom built by J&C), and the lighting is all designed by J&C.

Overall it was a tremendous experience working alongside Fox. The wine cellar came out even better than we expected; here is a look at this Tuscan beauty.

Metal Wine Cellar Entries

2019 April 1
by Curtis Dahl

An entry to a wine cellar can be as special as the wines inside. Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars were asked to design a custom metal wine cellar entry for a storied historical East Hampton estate. The client wanted a glass and metal wine cellar entry that echoed an old storefront that fit with the history of this home.

Joseph and Curtis designed and fabricated a custom metal & glass wine cellar entry that is a hand forged, one of a kind entrance to this Hamptons custom wine cellar. Custom wine cellars are an important amenity in homes and Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars design, build and install bespoke wine cellars that offer a gallery for your collection.

Westchester NY Wine Cellar & Tasting Room

2019 February 18
by Curtis Dahl

Westchester NY Wine Cellar & Tasting Room

Our new project was brought to our attention by an interior designer by the name of Michael Russo, a very talented ID with an incredible eye. We sat down and began to figure out exactly what the client was looking for, the large space, about 18′ wide x 40′ long, was completely undeveloped. The owners wanted a wine cellar and tasting room – something timeless and elegant, modern with an “old world feel” – something that looked like it had been in the house for years. After finding out how many bottles (and what sizes) the customer needed (in this case 1,000 and room for 750’s and some 3ltrs), it was imperative to determine the exact type of 750ml because of all the different size 750s on the market now.

We decided to create an incredible visual with our “Chevron” style wine racks (which allow for all 750ml sizes and the large format). Then we selected white oak (natural) as the wood species, and to add a coffer ceiling because that was just too simple. Next we decided to add a grayish brick in all of the coffers, wine room ceiling, backsplash of the butler’s pantry, and a niche we created when we framed the room. J&C did all of the construction on this project including the butler’s pantry, glass, tile, sheet-rock, coffer ceiling, masonry, hvac, and of course the wine racks and cabinetry. The owners plumber was used for the plumbing and the fire sprinklers, which needed to be moved as per the Town of Harrison.

The coffer ceiling has LED lighting hidden in the crown for a “glowing effect”, as well as in the wine racks, which creates an amazing visual that the owners and their guests love. The wine room has a clear glass front which allows views into the wine room from every angle, the butler’s pantry has a sub-zero fridge, ice maker, dishwasher, and a copper sink. We did 3″ Correa marble counter tops and several shelves for liquor display and decanters. All of the cad work, materials and engineering were supplied by Joseph & Curtis. Michael Russo was there at every stage, bouncing ideas and finishes back and forth which made the project move at lightning speed. Overall the project came in on time and on budget … as always.

At Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars – we dream in red and white. Contact us and we will design the cellar of your dreams!

Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars Awarded 2019 Best of Houzz in Design and Service

2019 January 25
by Curtis Dahl

So humbled and blessed to receive the Best of Customer Service for the seventh straight year, and Best of Design for second straight year!

Two things Joseph and Curtis Custom Wine Cellars take tremendous pride in #1 Happy Customers and #2 Designs that are unique and constantly pushing the envelope.

Thank you to our incredible employees, vendors, family, and most importantly our customers!

Cheers and God Bless!


Curt Dahl in Watchung, NJ on Houzz
Curt Dahl in Watchung, NJ on Houzz


Wine Cellar Designs for 2019

2019 January 21
by Curtis Dahl

Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars introduce two new custom wine rack designs for 2019.

Bespoke. Handcrafted in America. Every great collection deserves a gallery. Let Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars create one for you.

The classic Chevron pattern which is French in origin and dates back to the late 14th century. These zig-zagging lines which meet at angles create a visually elegant pattern and a sharp, intended contrast to the circular shape of the wine bottles. We back light these wine racks to create a beautiful halo of light that repeats the Chevron pattern for an stunning presentation of your wine collection.

WineWave is an original Joseph & Curtis trade-marked design that follows the soft contours of a wine bottle for a harmonious combination of wine storage & display. These metal wine racks are hand made and can be done in raw carbon steel with natural patinas or stainless steel as well as powder coated to any color imaginable. As always, Joseph & Curtis signature custom LED lighting experts play a big role in the overall visual result of these one of a kind custom metal wine racks.

Contact us today and we’ll bring your wine cellar dreams to life!


Custom Wine Cellar in Rumson New Jersey

2018 October 31
by Curtis Dahl

Custom Wine Cellar in Rumson New Jersey

Rumson is one of my favorite towns in the Garden State. Over the years we have built many wine cellars in Rumson, and it is always a pleasure to work there. Back when Sandy hit the area hard, many of our clients had to rebuild from scratch and that was very sad to see, but the town fought back with its incredible spirit and now is as strong as ever!

Rumson offers beautiful architecture and excellent restaurants, such as Fromagerie, Ristorante Giorgia, Undici and now this vibrant town now has one more magnificent Joseph & Curtis custom wine cellar in one of our client’s homes. The cellar was engineered, designed, built, installed by J&C and features a ducted climate-controlled unit which allows the owner to see zero mechanicals in the wine room (only supply and return grills), a custom-made arch door (made in Sapele), custom wine racks (Sapele) with a water-based clear coat of lacquer, tasting table, and paint finish. The cellar sits in the basement just off of the game room and is the main feature in the home which the clients use to entertain their guests. They have an incredible wine collection, with Quintessa being one of their favorites.

Please enjoy the photos and check us out at www.josephandcurtis.com

Sea Girt. See Wine.

2018 October 14
by Curtis Dahl

Custom wine cabinet

Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars recently completed a custom wine cellar in Sea Girt, New Jersey. This home has panoramic views of the ocean and the owner wanted panoramic views of the custom wine cellar that is positioned adjacent to the kitchen. We kept it light and airy as a nod to the beach house feel.

This steel and glass custom wine cellar floats the wine collection on metal wine racks. The glass wraps around a bar area to create a beautiful wine wall back drop when entertaining.

Pour a glass of red and enjoy the views.


Olympic Tower NYC Custom Wine Cabinet

2018 September 4
by Curtis Dahl

Olympic Tower NYC Custom Wine Cabinet

Olympic Tower on 5th Ave in New York City is home to many celebrities. Nicholas Cage, Anne Hathaway. The Gucci family spends time when in New York in their massive penthouse which boasts 8 bedrooms, 10 baths, a library, gym, chef’s kitchen. Olympic Tower sits across from the majestic St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars were consulted to design and build a glass and steel custom wine cabinet. We designed a mirror polished metal wine rack that allows the wine bottles to float inside this glass wine cabinet for a clean, modern view of this impressive wine collection. Joseph & Curtis design wine cellars and wine cabinets to echo and compliment the surrounding spaces in these amazing New York city homes.

Enjoy the views of the New York City skyline and this glass & steel custom wine cabinet.


Westchester Wine Cellar

2018 July 23
by Curtis Dahl

Westchester Wine Cellar

Our new project, created in Westchester NY, is quite the undertaking. Efficient design of an underutilized basement carved out enough space to make a very large custom wine cellar. A front wine room featuring a coffer ceiling, stone reveal around doorways, custom tile floor and stone grotto pass-through opens into a second room with a barrel ceiling, two giant windows via a glass door. Both rooms carry a consistent custom tile pattern and are illuminated with led displays on the custom wine racks and on the large format stone niches made from Black Walnut. There are two climate control units which are hidden to the eye and allow for a seamless design in both rooms. Please take a look at some incredible photos of this gorgeous 2500+ bottle wine cellar…and enjoy.